Monday, December 31, 2012

When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Decorations?

So it's almost Jan.1st and my tree and decorations are still up, the decorations are still up and they'll probably stay up until after New Years Day. Some of my friends took all their decorations down right after Christmas, but I always wait until after New Years Day. It just seems like the festive thing to do, to leave it up. Plus I don't feel like pulling out the boxes and putting everything away yet. lol 

Do you take your down the day after Christmas or are you like me and leave them up for a few days?


  1. I took mine down yesterday, but that was b/c I had people coming over for New Years and needed the space so the kids could run around. Normally I would have waited until Jan 1. Although I still do have that pesky Christmas wreath hanging on my front door. I keep forgetting to put it away. lol. Oh well.

  2. There's always one thing that I forget to put away and I stash it in the closet...never to be seen again..LOL

  3. I never had a chance to get mine up, because we moved on December 20th. Grandma's Christmas tree made up for it though :-)

  4. That's good. Hope the move wwent smoothly.


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