Friday, April 05, 2013

A To Z Blogging Challenge: E is For Eating

So what's my favorite thing to eat? Pretty much anything sweet. I have a horrible sweet tooth. Apple pie doesn't last long around here. And no, that's not a hole from a finger in my pie, I actually took a spoon to taste it..hey, I had to make sure it was done..and good before serving it to the family, right?

Cake, especially cake that I didn't have to make myself. It's always better when someone else makes the food, right? It just tastes better, doesn't it? Of course chocolate cake is my favorite with red velvet and spice cake coming in second. 

You know what I don't like to eat? Frosting. 

That's right, I scrape all the frosting off my cake and throw it away. I've never liked frosting. It's usually just too rich and I want to be able to taste the cake without all that gooey frosting covering it up. 

I'm not that picky, I'll eat or at least try anything once. The one thing I won't eat is liver. That stuff is just nasty. I don't care how it's tastes like cow manure. *Not that I know what cow manure tastes like, but still* yuck. 

There are things that others find gross that I like. For instance I like to eat...

Fried chicken hearts and gizzards.
Pickled Pigs Feet.
Pickled Cauliflower.
Marinated Artichoke Hearts.
Cooked Artichokes.
Fried Green Tomatoes

Do you have a food you like to eat that isn't something others like?


  1. Lots of people don't like Brussel sprouts but I love them - the more the merrier.

    (and I adore apple pie too, by the way)

  2. I love steamed broccoli, but it has to be done just right.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  3. Exact opposite at my sea, won't eat much haha

  4. Oh, let's see: cake, cookies, brownies, donuts. Not so much pie. Also very big on meat and vegetables (a little meat; lots of vegetables).

    What did you serve to your rat on Rat Day?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  5. Mama J, I love brussel sprouts.

    TaMara, I love broccoli and most other vegetables.

    Pat, eat your vegetables... lol

    Rob, I like all of those too. For World Rat Day my 4 boys shared a little of whatever we were eating. For lunch they had mini ham and cheese sandwiches. For dinner they had a small plate of spaghetti and meat balls.

  6. I like lettuce. See my furry ears? No, I must admit I don't like anything sweet now days. When I could burn up the energy, I loved it though. My body tells me I don't need it, so I don't eat it.

  7. No I'm hungry. Thanks sooo much for that haha.

    Happy A through Z blogging.

  8. I'm the same, anything sweet! But I prefer to throw away the cake and eat the icing! Mmmmm...

    (New follower via the A to Z.)

  9. Francene, Lettuce is good. Salads are wonderful.

    S.L., Then my job here is done. lol

    Nancy, Just the opposite of me.

  10. You wouldn't get along with my Dad. He hates to share his cake. I don't eat meat. A lot of people find that weird.

  11. I'm with you! I love chocolate, but hate frosting. I also love fried green tomatoes.

    The A to Z blog said in the latest post to add a link to your own A to Z blog in the comments, so here's mine:

  12. I like artichokes too. And fried green tomatoes.
    I do prefer most of my veggies raw except artichoke and asparagus.
    I love eating green olive and pimento spread on celery but I don't really eat anything I consider weird.


  13. Shelley, I would just buy your dad his own cake and one for

    Kristen, Glad to know I'm not the only one.

    Kassandre, I really like olive and pimento spread on vegies too.

    Dark Thoughts Blog

  14. I'm fond of fried green tomatoes, but the other gross stuff does sound gross :<

    I kinda just eat boring food so I don't really have anything "unique"

  15. Oh Mary. *shaking my head* throwing away icing? That's so wrong! lol I love sweets too but am sweeted out at the moment. I LOVE fried green tomatoes and have made them a couple times now. So good!

    Hmmm. Weird thing I eat. Okay, haven't had one in a while but my favorite sandwich is fried egg with cheddar cheese and apricot jam on toast. Yum! I've only been able to get my mom to try a bite and she wasn't all that impressed. lol

    Great post!


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