Monday, April 01, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: A is For All About Me!

Me, holding my newborn grandson, Logan.

Since this is my very first post in the A To Z Blogging Challenge, I thought I would take this opportunity to let the other bloggers in this challenge who might visit my blog know a little more about me.

So this post is all about me!

Hi, My name is Mary and I live in Las Vegas with my hubby Ken and our 4 rats. I have a 21 year old daughter who recently had a baby, so we are grandparents! If you scroll back through some of my posts you'll see pictures of both my rats and my grandson, Logan.

I was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California where I acquired a taste for seafood. I like pretty much all seafood. But some of it doesn't like me. I have a weird allergy to raw shrimp. I can eat it after it's been cooked but if I touch it to peel it while it's still raw, I break out in blisters where it touched my skin. Weird right?

I am a Freelance Writer and most of my articles have been written for Yahoo! Contributor Network and you can find my profile here. I mostly write about small animal care but also write about other things.

I am an avid reader and can read 2 books a day if I have time. My favorite genre right now is Paranormal Romance. My wallet can't keep up with my voracious reading appetite so I am a member of Swagbucks where I can earn Amazon gift cards just for using their search engine and using their referral links when I shop on websites that I would have already been shopping on. If you have checked out Swagbucks yet, now is a great time to do so.

I am also a member of several survey sites where I earn points for doing surveys and cash them in for prizes as well as gift cards.

I also frequently enter giveaways, blog contests, fb giveaways, and I do pretty well winning free books.

You can find me on the freebie sites, entering for free samples and I post all the free products I've gotten each Friday and the sites where you can sign up for freebies too.

I love to cook, bake, write, read and listen to music. But I think I chat mostly about my rats and other small animals I've had. I write articles that I hope will help others care for their small animals. I think back to the first mouse I adopted when I was 12 and I knew nothing about them. I know I made mistakes and it would have been great to have the resources we have now. We have information at the touch of our finger tips and I can only hope that my articles help new pet parents care for their small furbabies.

You can also find me on Twitter and feel free to follow me, I'm @scarymary66

So, that's me in a nut shell. Thanks for visiting.

I would also like to make a special shout out to Arlee Bird, who is the A to Z Challenge founder.


  1. Mary, congratulations on the grandbaby! So precious. And I love it that you seem to have such a compassionate heart toward small furry friends. That's unique and cool.

  2. Hi Mary, its really good to be here on the eve of the new event at a to z. I am here via atoz.
    Good to know a bit more about you in your first post. Well keep blogging to reveal more of you and your write=ups. I juste aired my first post today, if time permits pl do have a look at it. Sweet kisses to the little one. I am Philip
    @ Philipscom
    An ambassador to A to Z Challenge @ Tina’s Life is Good
    And My Bio-blog

  3. Nice to meet you Mary. Know at least two other people who enjoy rats although they don't have them as pets.

    Thanks for dropping by


  4. Wow two books a day, that is a great feat. And lots of free, sure has to fill with glee.

  5. Hi Mary, as a first time, "official", A to Z'er, it's nice to meet another first timer.

    Congrats on the new grandbaby and very nice to meet you :)

  6. Loved learning these tidbits about you! And two books a day? That's super-impressive. I hope you had a great Easter!

  7. getting to know you, is to better love you... respectfully. and the fact you use forever knight as your photo... brilliant.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  8. Ooo I swag bucks too Mary! It's great for getting those gift cards to Amazon and B&N :)

  9. Nice to meet you Mary--good luck with the Challenge! Dot

  10. Great to meet you!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do all month.
    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side and The Witch
    Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

  11. Philip, Thank you. Nice to meet you too.

    Jo, I love the little buggers. I know a lot of people who have rats as pets.

    Patt, It sure does. I read fast and sleep little, so I have time. lol

    Optimistic Existentialist, I did have a great easter, hope you did too.

    Jeremy, Another Forever Knight Fan? I loved that show, hated how it ended and love vampires. Thought it was the right pic for me.

    Herding Cats - Burning Soup, Oh I love those gift cards from Swagbucks.

    Dot, Nice to meet you too.

  12. Timothy, Thank you. Nice to meet you too.

  13. Mark Means, Nice to meet another first timer too.

  14. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! And two books a day? Whoa...

  15. Nice photo of you both, Mary :)

  16. Alex, Thank you. Yeah 2 books a day as long as they aren't huge books like Acheron which was a monster of a book. lol

    Shelley, Thank you. :)

  17. Welcome to the A to Z!! I know what you mean about the wallet not keeping up with the appetite for reading. I love paranormal romance as well, especially when it concerns werewolves. Beautiful picture of you and your grandbaby. :)

  18. Melissa, Thanks! I love those paranormal books and do love the werewolves but my obsession is vampires. lol

  19. Thank you, Mary, for the introduction. And for coming to the Bear's blog.

    Good news to see the safe arrival of your grandson.

    The only thing I know about rats is that some tend to hide in my fur when I'm hibernating. They think it's warm in there.

    One other thing. I was watching the movie Gettysburg, where a Union Lieutenant was talking with some Reb prisoners about why they were fighting. One of the Rebs said he was fighting for his "rats." Took me a very long time to figure out he was fighting for his "rights." You, of course, might fight for your rats.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  20. Rob-bear, Thanks so much for stopping by. That is really funny..I LOL'd out loud...:P

  21. Good luck with your A to Z challenge and congrats on the new grandson :>

  22. I've seen things about those freebie sites but always thought they were scams. Hm. I may have to rethink that.

    KC @ The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit & Oh Frog It

  23. Villyne, Good luck with your posts too. :)

    KC, You should scroll back through my posts. On Fridays I post links to the real places you can get freebies from and I post pictures of all the freebies I've gotten from them.

  24. Wow. That is a lot of blogposts. This should be an interesting challenge, I look forward to reading more of your interesting posts (and congrats on the grandbaby!).

  25. ELF, thanks for stopping by :) I hope I write posts that everyone enjoys this month.

  26. I always love reading about your rats!

  27. Oh, and congrats on the grandbaby! :)


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