Saturday, April 27, 2013

A To Z Blogging Challenge: X is For X Factor

I watched this show, the X factor the first season and even the second season but I won't watch it again and this video from the show pretty much shows why.

The judges on the show are not there to help the contestants, they were there to bicker at one another, poke fun at each other, try and one up the other judges. Instead of being a judge and doing the job she was being paid to do and tell one of these contestants which one she thought should go home...Nicole left it up to America's vote- knowing full well that shows like this and American Idol are nothing but popularity contests and the person who has the most friends and most people calling in for them is going to get the votes, not necessarily the person with the most talent.

Nicole Scherzinger didn't do her job and left the vote to America who decided that the guy was the one who was going to stay, Marcus Canty stayed and Rachel Crow was voted off even though she was 1000 times better than he was.

I don't watch this show anymore.


  1. This kind of bullshit is the perfect money-making idea. Just do what the most people tell you to do, and people will continue watching :-)

    Using the word 'talent' while describing these shows should be banned IMO.

  2. LOL hate all reality tv crap, so yeah never watched it

  3. KK, And that's the reason I no longer watch shows like this.

    Pat, I watch very little Tv in the first place. I don't watch any of the reality tv stuff anymore. I'd much rather watch something like Grim or Supernatural or Vampire Diaries...mmmm

  4. I'm not a fan of the show, but I've always like the term, "x-factor." It's always fascinating to meet someone whose got it. They've just got something that's hard to put your finger on that makes you enjoy their presence. Many of the people on the show, by the way, don't actually have that x-factor. ;)

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