Thursday, June 06, 2013

Twitter Promoted Posts

If you use Twitter, you've probably seen posts much like the one above...a Promoted Post. 

I saw one the other day and wondered how it got in my Twitter feed so I did some searching and this is what I found out...

Companies pay to have Tweets like this one put into news feeds of Twitter users that twitter thinks you might find useful. I found one from Toyota..and have no idea why Twitter would think I would find this useful. 

So I wondered how can I get rid of these promoted Tweets. I found that they are extremely easy to get rid of..just hover your mouse over the Tweet and click the words that say "Dismiss". All gone. 

Now I don't get many promoted posts so I don't have to do this very often but I thought anyone who has seen these and had the same questions about how to get the tweet out of their feed would gain something from this post. 


  1. Yeah I've sen a ton, but when you have the followers i do, tons of crap in view.

  2. Thats a useful one. Thankfully I am not that active on twitter.


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