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Guest Post With Shelley Munro and A Giveaway

I'd like to welcome my friend, author Shelley Munro to my blog today. I'm super excited to have her here and know you'll enjoy her post. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win one of the Amazon gift certificates!

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A Good Night’s Sleep
Without sleep we become tall two year olds.
When I was growing up on a farm in the New Zealand countryside, the day started early. My father always climbed out of bed at an unseemly hour—prior to six a.m. He milked the cow, took care of other farm chores and then went off to shear a few hundred sheep. A hard, physical day meant he also went to bed early. Now at eighty-three, he continues with his early to rise, early to bed ritual.

As children, my brother, sister and I didn’t get to sleep in during the weekends—ever. My father didn’t believe in it. I’m glad times change, and I can please myself now.

But the funny thing is…all those early mornings and plenty of hours to sleep slipped into my mind and became a habit. In order to function well I require plenty of sleep—a good eight hours works best for me, although recently, with my hubby working lots of odd hours, I’ve been staying up a little bit later than my usual in bed by ten p.m.

I enjoy walking early and enjoying the slice of quiet before the rest of the world wakes. When it comes to writing, I tend to get more done during the morning. Yes, I’m officially a morning bird after that worm!

My nieces and nephews, on the other hand, routinely stay in bed until early afternoon, and to my mind, miss the best of the day.

Here are a few facts about sleep:
1. Most of the research done on sleep has occurred during the last twenty-five years.
2. Too little sleep isn’t good for a person and neither is too much. Around seven to eight hours is a good amount of sleep per night.
3. Humans spend around one-third of their lives asleep.

In my recent release, One Night of Misbehavior, Charlotte Dixon works long hours taking care of her grandmother and her household management duties. She’s often exhausted from lack of sleep, but her love for her grandmother and her commitment to looking after her keeps Charlotte at her post.

CONTEST: Answer the following questions and complete the rafflecopter to go into a draw to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate (2 x winners). Are you a morning bird or a night one? How much sleep do you get each night?
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One Night of Misbehavior by Shelley Munro
He wears his scars on the outside. She keeps hers safe inside.
Charlotte Dixon ignores her stepmother’s edict and, in an act of disobedience, attends one of the social events of the year—a masquerade costume ball. Charlotte’s naughtiness escalates when she dances and smooches with a sexy mystery man. The night of anonymous passion that follows makes her yearn for a different life, but the next day she’s back to her dull routine of household management.

Advertising tycoon, Ash Marlborough is about to set a private investigator on the trail of his nameless princess when she waltzes right into his place of work. Charlotte is shocked to meet her masked man in the flesh, and even more perturbed when he asks her out on a date. Despite craving another night of sexy loving, she doesn’t have time for a man, not when she wants to reinvent herself and grasp a new, improved life with both hands. But Ash knows what he wants, and he’s determined to win the heart of his princess. Let the dance of seduction commence.

Warning: Contains a conniving stepmother, selfish stepsisters, a grandmother with fairy godmother tendencies and a sexy masked man who is willing to face them all for the love of a good woman.

Purchase at:
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Shelley Munro is tall and curvaceous with blue eyes and a smile that turns masculine heads everywhere she goes. She’s a university tutor and an explorer/treasure hunter during her vacations. Skilled with weapons and combat, she is currently in talks with a producer about a television series based on her world adventures.
Shelley is also a writer blessed with a VERY vivid imagination and lives with her very own hero in New Zealand. She writes mainly erotic romance in the contemporary, paranormal and historical genres for publishers Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. You can learn more about Shelley and her books at http://www.shelleymunro.com.


  1. Thanks so much for having me to visit today, Mary!

  2. Great cover indeed, need about 4 hours for me and away I go.

  3. Shelley, you are always welcome to come visit.

    Pat, thanks for coming by.

  4. I am definitely a night person. I can stay up most of the night and sleep all morning. You are a new author to me but I love romance books so I'll definitely be giving your books a try.

  5. Pat, thanks very much. Four hours sleep? Did I read that right? People would mistake me for a zombie if I only got four hours sleep :)

  6. Hi Ashlyn,

    It's great to meet you.

    I think as I get older, I'm going to bed later, but you could never call me a night owl :)


  7. I would be so crabby on just 4 hours of sleep! But I am not tired the same day it gets delayed to the day afterwards. Kind of weird that's me in a nut shell! lol

  8. Thanks for the excerpt. I am definitely a night owl and I tend to get about 6-7 hours of sleep. Like Bill, I am usually ok on the day that I really am shorted on sleep and crash the day after that...so I guess he's not as weird as he thinks, lol.


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