Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Note Pad Obsession

Yes, these are just some of the Post it Notes that I have. I seem to get more and more than I can actually use. I don't think I will have to buy any for a very long time. 

I write myself notes all the time. You should see the area right next to my's a Post It Note Mess. 

I have note pads for Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day as well as other holidays. I have white as well as the rainbow full of colors. 

There are two note pads to the left of my computer right now and little messages to myself on note pads all over my desk and inside the top drawer where I keep all my pens. Yes, I have a Pen obsession as well. LOL 

I did not start out trying to collect pens or note pads. They started getting sent to me in swag bags, christmas stocking stuffers, and book wins. Authors like to send note pads and pens with their swag and books that they give away as prizes. I didn't buy any of these note pads...they were all given to me and now I have a nice collection of them. 

Do you now collect anything that you didn't start out wanting to collect?


  1. I seem to have a collection of notepads and post-its too. The worst thing is I keep buying more even though I don't need them. Can't resist a sale!

  2. Well on the flip side I don't have a single one at home.

  3. Now that is a unique collection :) no judging here though. I think the most unique thing I collect is ink pens. Whenever I find a unique ink pen I keep is stashed away and I have quite the collection. Happy Thursday my friend :)

  4. LOL I have a very similar collection. I love all sorts of office supplies so love then I get a new pad in the mail :)


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