Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drama Causers

I just want to throw this out there today for personal reasons.

The people who say they want no more drama in their lives are usually the ones causing all the drama in others lives but it's never their fault when the other person retaliates. 

How's the for strange logic?

I just love how some people will say over and over that their side of the street is clean and they've not had anything to do with the people or persons who won't leave them alone but over and over again it gets proven that they are the ones who can't leave well enough alone either by posting more blog posts calling out a person BY NAME or by making sarcastic Twitter, fb or other social media posts that they think others won't understand. 

These people are called Psychopaths/Sociopaths. They have no morals, no empathy, complete disregard for the feelings of others, lack of conscience, extremely manipulative, lack of guilt and is often accompanied by cruelty to animals as well as a failure to accept responsibility for his own actions. 

Therefore they are not worth your time. They are not worth the time it would take to prosecute them for spreading rumors about you, using your name or email address in an open forum or spreading lies about you. Because the most they would get is a slap on the wrist because the laws aren't set up for internet harassment of this sort. 


  1. Agreed, aren't worth the time of day

  2. I'm with you here Mary. I do not like when people use FB or Twitter to call someone out...it's such a childish act. I see people do this on FB a lot and just shake my head. Sad really.


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