Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Triple Double Oreo

Now this is new *at least to me*. Hubby saw this at the store and thought I might like it. *well yeah!*

It's three crispy Oreo cookie wafers and in between is a layer of chocolate and a layer of the white creme. *Is that vanilla? Not sure*
Talk about improving a product. I approve.


  1. Oh this is a hell yeah. I must try this and SOON :)

  2. First time I've seen them too

  3. I've never really been fond of oreos, but I prefer the Reese's chips ahoy. If oreos ever come out in Reese's flavour I'll buy a pack really fast.

  4. I haven't seen those before, but I'm in Canada, and nobody seems to know we're up here (when it comes to marketing).

    They look like fun!

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  5. I've never really gotten into oreos either. BUT I do freaking LOVE the stuffing part. I need that section like tripled then I'd be good. Too much cookie vs stuffing in the regular ones LOL


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