Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy Raturday!

Welcome to a new weekly blog post I'm calling, Raturday! I've seen Caturday and while that's really cute, I think the rats needs some photo time so everyone can see how cute these little animals are. I've gotten permission from Rat Logic's fb page to share their pictures on my blog. So get ready to smile because these are cute. 

*click on pictures to enlarge*


  1. These are fun. I like the first one with his tongue poking out.

  2. I have to admit - these are pretty darn adorable :)

  3. haha someone isn't snip snip lol

  4. Shelley- That one made me laugh too.

    Keith- Glad you enjoyed them.

    Pat- LOL nope.

  5. Very funny. Cute play on words. Thanks for the great post.

  6. ::snort:: Very cute. I love the tummy on the one hanging on the cage wall. And the babe in the wallet. Oh my cuteness.

  7. I've just spent an hour just searching rat memes now because of you...and yet I regret nothing.

  8. Lady Lilith- Thanks.

    Anna- Glad you liked them.

    Elf- Thanks for stopping by.

    Claire- Then my work here is done. lol :)


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