Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kids Getting Sick After Eating Foods Laced With Marijuana

So by now you all know my stance on Marijuana, "Medical" or otherwise. Last month on an episode of The Doctors they had Orange County Sheriff, Clay Cranford on their show telling parents to watch out for candy bars laced with marijuana. The kids don't feel the effects of the marijuana right away because it has to travel through their digestive tract so they eat another candy bar and then another. Pretty soon the kids are having seizures and vomiting from a marijuana overdose. 

Now most marijuana users will tell you that you can't overdose on marijuana. But what they really mean is having too much marijuana in your system won't kill you. Or no one has ever died from a marijuana over dose. But what about kids who are now having seizures which can lead to brain injury, lack of oxygen and even brain damage?

According to EurekaAlert, "A total of 1,378 patients under age 12 were evaluated for unintentional ingestions – 790 before Sept. 30, 2009 and 588 after Oct. 1, 2009. The number of children treated for exposure to marijuana before Sept. 30 was zero. The number from Oct. 1 on was 14 with eight of those coming directly from consuming marijuana food products."

Loose leaf marijuana and edibles commercially made for "medical" purposes have a higher THC amount in them, making them a higher threat to young children if they ingest it. 

At another school, a child was hospitalized after eating a small piece of a chocolate bar laced with hash oil and a teacher fell ill as well after eating a small piece. And according to NBC Los Angeles, "The Ventura County Office of Education sent a memo to parents Wednesday warning them about chocolate marijuana bars that contain hash oil. One student reportedly collapsed and was hospitalized after eating 1/12 of a Hubby's Edible Bar, which comes in several favors, each in six breakable squares."

So while the pot heads can say no one has overdosed and died from marijuana, some kids have over dosed to the point of having seizures and having to be hospitalized after eating the edibles. 

Maybe parents, grandparents and those who have the marijuana and marijuana edibles in their home should take care to make sure kids can't get a hold of it. But if they keep the pot out where a kid can get it and a kid ingests it, they should be prosecuted, jailed and maybe have their kids taken away from the unsafe home.



  1. kids are way more susceptible to everything, but then pot heads get dumber and aren't wise enough to keep it out of reach

  2. Pat- Yep, and I have a feeling that more kids are going to be going to the hospital from accidental exposure and ingestion because more and more idiot people are going to have access to pot.

  3. Here in India, cigarette and liquor packs/bottles have a warning, something like: this is injurious to health etc. And shops selling this stuff need to have a sign refusing sale to anyone below 18 years (25 years in some states).

    Also, what I have noticed is that in cases of 'new' offenses (like letting your kids access your pot), the government needs to set an example. You know, punish people severely and let the media know about it.

  4. KK- I would agree with that. The laws here have to change in order to keep up with the new marijuana laws that are going into effect.


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