Thursday, January 02, 2014

RIP Bandit

My poor little old man passed away last night. I am heartbroken. 

This was Bandit a little over a year ago when I adopted him and his 3 brothers from a family friend. He was the first one to come out and say hi. 

He loved his hammocks. Every time I put a new one in the cage I would find him checking it out a few minutes later. 

He was a climber and would climb on top of the cage given the chance. 

Posing for the camera. 

He loved to sleep in the fleece cubes and chew them to pieces. 

He was the first rat that my grandson petted. He was such a good boy that day and loved the attention. 

*Bandit was the one on the bottom* Always the curious boy, sniffing and looking around when I opened the cage doors. 

He photo bombed his brother and made me laugh.

He was always ready for some company and always came running to the front of the cage when I came over. 

As he got older, he would fall asleep in the strangest places. Like the food dish with rice and corn still on it. He'd just wake up, clean his face off and eat a little more. My poor old man. 

RIP Bandit


  1. No ratties had as good of lives as the ones that you have given yours. They have lived the lives of kings. RIP little Bandit. You were truly loved.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. Sorry to hear the poor guy passed, but he was spoiled rotten every day, best way to be at ones bay

  4. Oh Mary. I am so sorry to see this. It's been a hard couple weeks for blogger herds. Vanessa lost one of her babes too. Gah it just breaks your heart. I'm so glad yall had each other for so long! Will be thinking about yall and sending lots of love to the herd babies.

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I'm sad, crying at the drop of a hat but I know he had a wonderful happy life with me and that he loved all the extra attention he received the last few weeks.

  6. Oh, Mary. I'm so sorry to hear that. Big hugs.

  7. So, sorry to hear this Mary!! Big HUGS!


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