Sunday, March 30, 2014

Computer Problems

Just want to let everyone know that I may not be online anymore very soon. I've found that I have a problem with my computer called a DNS server problem that prevents me from connection to some websites. At first it was just one and now I can't connect to 4 different websites. I've Googled the problem and done everything they said to do and nothing has fixed the problem so I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get online. So if I up and disappear one day, it's because of computer problems and I'll be back when I can get a new laptop. Could be a few months.

I'm going to continue to stay online for as long as I can, or as long as this laptop will allow me to access the websites I go But who knows what will happen the next time I try to get online.

I have almost all of my posts for the A to Z challenge already written and scheduled to post, so I hope that this laptop lasts for a while.

If anyone is tech saavy and knows how to fix a DNS server problem..let me know. I've already Googled it and tried all the things they said to do like flushing the DNS cache, running a virus scan, Renewing my IP address and rebooting the modem and computer.


  1. Hmm weird indeed, mine did some dns crap. I went to the connection, opened it, properties, went t internet protocol version 4, properties, and made sure both were obtain dns settings automatically. One wasn't and that was screwing everything up

  2. Oh that's no fun. I thought DNS was through the internet provider not the individual laptop. Shows what I know. lol I'm so not tech savvy. Sorry you're having computer woes but dang good for you having your A to Z almost done! I've got like 3 scheduled. lol

  3. Yuck--I hate computer probe as I am the appointed techie here at the house for all things electronic. I hope your problems are resolved quickly.

  4. Pat- This thing is giving me fits. I can't figure out how to fix it. Hopefully a friend of a friend will be able to help.

    Anna- I don't even know. lol I am so computer stupid it's not even funny.

    Slamdunk- Me too and so that's another reason why this is irritating me so much. I can usually find the answer using Google and following the steps given. But not this time. grrr


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