Monday, April 14, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is For Love of Candy!

Hello, my name is Mary and I'm a candyholic. lol I don't think there's a 12 step program for what I have. I don't actually eat a whole lot of it, I leave that to others..I just like looking at the pretty candy colors in the glass jars. I mean, who wouldn't smile after seeing a huge canister of pretty candy colors?

Candy jars on my living room shelf...
The right one is just half full because I do like my gumballs. I really like the way gumballs smell. Yes, I need help, I'm sniffing my gumballs.

More candy on the Living room coffee table. One is hard candies and the other is Pastel Buttercream mints. Some people call these mints butter mints and others call them after dinner mints. I call them melt in your mouth mints. 

My grandson came over and he saw the bowl of mints on the coffee table and grabbed one...then grabbed another one before anyone could stop him. He's just a year old and it was pretty funny the way he just grabbed one at a time when I thought for sure he would be throwing handfuls of them all over the place if he got his hand in the bowl. 

And let's not forget my gumballs. They might be in a jelly bean dispenser but they are definitely gumballs. lol Oh the pretty colors..


  1. Do you toss a candy or two to the rats? I think they must love it.

  2. I used to love candy all the time but lately I can only have it every now and then. Especially ones mainly based on sugar.

  3. Sure have a sweet tooth or ten at your den

  4. Ah yes, this fellow sweet tooth also has the candy jar, which is great to look at and equally tasty. Plus, when it starts to get low, you just HAVE to refill it, right? For aesthetic values...?

  5. I love party mints (that's what I call them)! And I must have my chocolate fix from time to time. I'm like you, I love to have dishes of different candies around the house for the visual effect. Unfortunately, it just doesn't last long in our household lol

  6. Mmmm candy! I have a drawer for mine. The herd babes are too good at knocking over dishes and yeah can't be wasting candy like that. lol

  7. I'm more of a chocolate girl, but I do agree with you about the colors. They make me smile too.

  8. KK- I have given my rats small amounts of candy. They do love it.

    Adam- I hear ya. I love all types of candy but I only eat a little.

    Pat- Yes indeed.

    A Beer For The Shower- Of course the bowl always has to be filled.

    Amy- Yes, I've heard them called that as well.

    Anna- If I had pets that knocked my candy bowls over I would keep them in a drawer too.

    Shelley- I love chocolate but I do like the colors.

  9. I don't like gumballs because they look the same as gobstoppers. Can you tell the difference between a gumball and a gobstopper just by looking?


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