Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: Z Is For Zoomania

Zoomania- meaning...a passion for animals.

If you've been visiting my blog for very long, you already know I have a passion for animals. They're just too cute not to. Am I right?

Let me share some of the reasons I like animals...especially rats

They wear hats for you.

Celebrate their birthday's with you and share their cake. 

Pose for Easter Pictures.

Wear Santa Hats.

Give you Christmas Presents.

Play Santa for the kids.

Snuggle with their duckies.

Love kids.

I can't think of any better reasons. 


  1. All excellent reasons. I'm trying to imagine our puppy in hats etc. Nope, it's not happening. They'd be destroyed in seconds.

  2. As a fellow animal lover, zoo-mania is the best mania ever :)

  3. I can't even get my dog to wear a hat

  4. Hmm the cat will do none of that, eat the hat and swat the kid lol

  5. All good reasons to love rats. Thanks for sharing the amazing pics. They were great.

  6. Pets can be fun.

    Our little dog keeps me busy most of the day.
    Mostly in picking up its poo.

    See if you have the time.

    Please don't laugh, it happened.

  7. Shelley- lol Oh I bet.

    Keith- Yes it is.

    Adam- lol keep trying.

    Pat- lol no swatting the kids.

    Lady Lilith- Glad you liked them.

    Twisted Scottish Bastard- Sorry, I'm still laughing.

  8. Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge.

    And zoomania is an original choice.

    The rat birthdays look like some kind of party!


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