Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lucky Likes Pizza

So we ordered pizza the other night and when it came Lucky was sitting on the couch with us, so I shared a slice of my pizza with him. Yes, some of you might not know this but I routinely share my food with the rats, even my drinks. Ken does too. I put a piece of pizza on a paper plate and set it down on the couch where Lucky was lounging and he came running over to get a bite. 

He took little dainty bites, mostly wanting cheese. 

I let him take a few bites and then I took a bite. Yes, that's right, off the same piece. Omg call 911 I might get a disease! Most rat parents do this with their rats and we're all just fine. 

I love this picture because Lucky looks like he's giving thanks for the pizza he's eating. "Thank you for this pizza I'm about to nom." 

Little bite for me, little bite for Lucky.

I'm sure he was saying, "Thank you, Mommy." 

I gave the other three *Marbles, Flower and Scribbles* a share of pizza as well but they decided to hide in their beds with it to eat it. 


  1. He does look as if he's giving thanks. Very cute pic.

  2. This is awesome. And makes me want pizza. Think Lucky would share a slice with me?

  3. It is very unconventional for me to see you sharing food with Lucky. Hopefully I will get used to it with some more posts on the topic :-)

  4. My dog loves it though she never really had much of the actual pizza. She knows when I bring some home. I often break off a piece of pizza crust and toss it to her.

  5. Well, who doesn't like a fresh slice of pizza? :)

  6. He looks to be very happy with it indeed

  7. LOL and now I'm wanting pizza.

    I'm so not a share-er of food. With people or animals. Totally wigs me out. I'll break off pieces for the herd babes though.

  8. Lucky and I would both be looking for the box and the rest of that yummy pizza. Fun pics!

  9. Shelley- That's what I thought too. Thanks.

    Keith- Lucky would definitely share a slice with you.

    KK- I'm a very unconventional type of person. I'll make sure and share some more food with my rats and share pictures then. :)

    Adam- Dogs love pizza crust.

    Blue Grumpster- Exactly.

    Pat- :) He's always happy.

    Anna- lol I'm that way with dogs. I couldn't share my food like that with a dog. But rats have tiny mouths so they don't slobber all over everything they eat. LOL

    Slamdunk- lol He'd probably love to find the whole box.

  10. That's so cute.

    We always share our food with our rats, like you, straight off our plates.

    Yesterday we went and picked up our two new baby boys and while we were waiting the ferry my husband went and got pizza and chips. The new boys were very interested in it, but at the time we couldn't share any because they were quite keen to jump out of the carrier.

    Our favourite food to share is Chinese takeaway, it's so cute the way they eat bean sprouts.


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