Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Targeted FB Statuses

Did you know that you can choose who see's what status posts you make just by adding them to different friends lists? 

If you want some people to know something but don't want everyone to know, you can add some friends to different lists in your friends. Like I added some people to the list "Close Friends" and when I post a new status I can pick who see's it. 

After adding the people you want to the different lists "Close Friends, Family, Acquaintances" then when you post a status update you click on the little drop down menu and pick who you want to see the status you are posting. Only the people who are in those lists will be able to see it. 

This way if you have friends or family that you don't want to have to explain why you posted a picture of the new skull tattoo you just got on your back, you just pick "close friends" as the only people who can see your picture and make sure you haven't added that person or people to that list. 


  1. I used to use this when I was still using FB. It was really handy when you didn't want something to be advertised to the whole world.

  2. Yeah I knew about it, but I don't want anyone to know anything of crapbook so I deleted the whole thing

  3. Facebook is something that just confuses me. This post was very helpful. Than you for sharing. I will have to explore my status and friends now.

  4. I've never gone quite that far, but I probably should, since I have so many different groups of friends on there now.

  5. keith- I actually just figured this out a few months ago. lol

    Pat- lol

    Lady Lilith- Glad it was helpful.

    Stephanie- It's been very good for me.

  6. G+ is like this as well. Not sure about Twitter but I think they do it too.

  7. I didn't know you could do it.

  8. Yup! It's very handy. I use it when I'm posting blog things sometimes and just really don't want our 90 year old church friends to see. lol

  9. None of my family use Facebook, so I'm pretty safe with my skull tattoo.

  10. Steph- I didn't know that.

    Adam- I didn't either until recently.

    Anna- :)

    Shelley- Wait, you have a skull tattoo? Oh, we have to see pictures.


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