Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Comfortable Sleeping

I don't really have any 'facts' for you today, I just wanted to share Flower's pictures. lol I got a good picture of her sleeping on top of the cube I bought her. She uses the top like a hammock and sleeps in it all the time. It must be comfy. 

She heard me taking pictures and was wide awake and wanting to play in 2 seconds flat. 

And then this picture of Scribbles hiding inside the fleece pouch. All you can really see is his nose and eye. lol Silly rats. 


  1. hiding is in their nature

  2. Quite the sleeping position lol

  3. Adam- yep, they loving hiding.

    Pat- They can bend themselves into strange positions.

  4. They're so sweet when they sleep, I love some of the positions they get into.

    I've given Yoda and Wicket a hammock they've moved into their grown up cage but they can't seem to figure it out yet!


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