Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Review: Kraft Minute Tapioca

I used to make this years ago and loved it but couldn't find it in my grocery store. So I bought a box on Amazon but almost canceled my order when I read the reviews. They said the formula or ingredients had changed to include soy and that it made the tapioca runny instead of firm. Well, they were right. The first batch I made, I followed the directions completely and it came out runny and never fully firmed up.

So the second batch I made, I increased the amount of minute tapioca I used to 4 tablespoons instead of 3 and that worked to correct the problem. If Kraft had done any research or read any reviews they would have seen this problem and been able to change the instructions. But I don't think they care.

I fixed the problem myself and my tapioca came out really good. I sprinkled a tiny amount of cinnamon on mine when it was done. 

I give this a 3 out of 5 because the directions really do need to be changed to reflect what people want...stiffer pudding.


  1. When I was a kid, we used to make rice with milk, cinnamon, and sugar. It always takes me back to childhood!

  2. Sounds okay, but never will be eaten at my bay

  3. don't think I've ever had Tapioca

  4. Eeeee. Okay my weirdness comes out but I can't do tapioca. It's the texture. lol

    Glad you were able to fix it. I think I saw this at our grocery the other day. Hrm.

  5. Stephanie- I still do that! My mom used to give that to me when I was sick and I gave it to my daughter who now loves it.

    Pat- lol Don't like tapioca?

    Adam- It's really good. if you like vanilla pudding with some added pearls for texture...lol you might like this.

    Anna- LOL It's so funny that those squishy little pearls eek people out.

  6. We ate tapioca growing up, but it was never my fav. Glad you offered the insights for others to see Mary.

  7. I'd eat it if were better than rice pudding. Do you eat it hot or cold?


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