Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Dogs and Cats Should Always Have A Collar

If we're friends on fb you might have already seen this on my wall the other day but for those that didn't....

So here's my happy little story for today. Ken walked outside to go to the store and saw this little Chihuahua sitting in the rocks right in front of our door. It's around 105F outside so we brought her inside and thankfully she had a collar on with a phone number so I called it and told the lady we had her dog and our address. Well about 30 minutes went by and I get a call from a guy who says his ex wife called and said I had his dog and he wanted my address. Guess he needs to change the number on the collar. lol Turns out he lives about a block from me and he came and got her. He was so happy to have his dog back. Her name is Tiffy. She was so friendly, just laid with us on the couch wanting to be petted while we waited for her owner to come get her.

Look at that little face. 

And this is why I think that dogs as well as cats should always wear a collar with their phone number on it. I cannot tell you how many animals we have found, brought home only so find they didn't have a collar so we'd have to call animal control to come pick them up and hope that they have a microchip. I know some people only put their pets collars on them when they take them for a walk and that's a bad idea. What if like this little girl, someone opens the door and your dog or cat runs outside? 

What if someone breaks into your home and the animals get out? What about an earthquake scaring your animals and they get out through an open door or window? Things happen and I hate finding animals outside and having no recourse but to call animal control. 

I know some people have told me that I should let the animals back outside and maybe they'll know their way home. Maybe they are outside cats that roam during the day and go home at night. Sorry, I'm not taking the chance that this animal has no place to be and will die on the streets when it has a chance to find his owners or a new home by going to the shelter. 

Don't want your outside cat to get picked up by someone like me and sent to a shelter? Then don't let them outside or at the very least put a collar with a tag and a phone number on them.


  1. This is such a good point. I recently put a collar on my indoor cat but I don't have my info on there. I will do that for sure in the event she ever gets loose outside.

  2. My dog always has her collar on. She actually likes wearing it. After a bath, when she dries off she run over to me and look at me like "where's my collar?"

  3. The cats chew right through them and rip them off here haha so let's just hope they never get out.

  4. So glad you were able to help the little one. Collars on cats though can be very dangerous and the "safe" ones come off so easily. I always say to microchip them and keep that up info wise. Inside ones as well. Mine are all done so if they do end up at a shelter or vets a quick scan will bring up all my info.

  5. Glad you all were their to help.

    Our dog is from the humane society and evidently has an id chip in him. Even with the chip, they were never able to find his owners. With this dog's case I think he was abandoned and whomever owned him had no intention of being found.

  6. The owner is lucky that you and Ken found his dog.
    Our puppy always wears a collar, and it's law in NZ to microchip a dog. In fact, Bella gets upset if her collar is taken off.


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