Sunday, August 03, 2014

Medical Marijuana, Guns and Child Abuse

So recently I read an article that stated that in Las Vegas the laws are such that you can have a Medical Marijuana Card or a gun but you can't legally have both. According to 8 News Now, "Essentially, anyone who has a medical marijuana card can legally possess marijuana in southern Nevada, but not a gun. And a card holder who bought a gun legally -- and then obtained a card -- is supposed to give that gun up. It's a problem that's just beginning to take shape but is likely to grow as legal marijuana dispensaries open and more people obtain medical marijuana cards. Under federal law, you can't buy any kind of firearm if you have a state-issued medical marijuana card because marijuana is still illegal federally."

Now I don't have a problem with this law as you probably could guess. I've been stating my opposition for regulated, legal marijuana for a long time and will not stop because it shouldn't be legal. It's not a medicine it's a drug that people use to get high...simple as that. 

I know someone who started smoking "medical marijuana" a few years ago because they needed it for supposed anxiety, back pain, headaches, and PTSD related symptoms. So how come a few years later after having been smoking themselves silly they still don't have relief from any of these things? They still don't go out because they still have anxiety, still have supposed back and head pain and still supposedly are suffering from how is it working? It's not! That's my whole point. Omg open your drugged out, blood shot eyes and realize it's not working. 

Recently I read another article that tells of people who are losing their kids because they have medical marijuana in the house with minor children. Some don't see this as child abuse but if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that I do, as I've talked about just this subject before. I consider it child abuse because no matter what room in your house you smoke it, the smoke is going to drift into other parts of the house and your minor children ARE going to be exposed to pot which is a drug and that in and of itself should be enough for child abuse charges to be brought against you. 

I would actually like a law that went a step further and banned anyone who had minor children from getting a Medical Marijuana Card until the minor children were over the age of 18. It doesn't even matter if the kids don't live with the parents full time because parents have weekend visitation at times when couples have split up or divorced and kids should never be exposed to marijuana.

It looks as though pot is here to stay but the laws governing it need to play catch up so that kids, pets, and people who don't want to be exposed to drugs, aren't. 


  1. You got that right, hell yeah maaaannnnnnn.

  2. We live in Tennessee, where marijuana will likely never be legal in any form. (When the lottery came here, people were OUTRAGED.) When we went to L.A. a few years ago, I got a kick out of the "Get your medical marijuana card: $40" signs on the beach. Some young girl in a sexy nurse's uniform was at the table. I've been told some pseudo-doctor issues you the card based on whatever your perceived ailment is. Headache, hurt pinky, whatever... Doesn't take much. We all have some kind of ache or pain we could say...if not, we could probably say we suffer from depression or something. Seems to me the issue is they need a REAL doctor to issue medical marijuana, not some "weed doctor," but I guess the medical community doesn't want to be involved? So the medical marijuana thing is corrupt, of course.

  3. All a load for the lazy slackers who just want to get high. When in tons of pain from life ending cancer of something, go for it. But a little back pain, pffft

  4. Oh Mary I so agree with you. Doubt it'll ever happen here in NC and thankful for that. Ridiculous the excuses people make.

  5. I see much greater probs in the world, but this has been such a hot topic. Many governments see it as a way to make revenue via taxing so it is here to stay--and with demand well...

    I do get kick out of the "I need my meds" argument that has been so successful with supports. I am like dude, just stop it.

  6. Very interesting conversation. I have no experience whatsoever with marijuana. At all. I am suspicious about its medical benefits. I do know it has been helpful to some. I don't know what would happen if it were widely available here in Canada. I probably still wouldn't smoke it, though I could probably get it for by chronic back pain.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Mary

  7. Stephanie- Yes it's very corrupt.

    Pat- I agree with that too.

    Anna- The excuses are ridiculous.

    Slamdunk- There are are important things but those two articles I found to be interesting.

    Rob Bear- I've never used it or any other illegal drug either and wouldn't.

  8. I have the misfortune of living with a couple of people who smoke pot and I've gone from "who cares I'm neutral" on the subject to "it needs stricter controls". I don't know if its the norm or not, but you can tell when someone ran out of pot because they get really cranky and yelling and door slamming abounds. Oh, they're taking it for pain but they can't do anything because their back is killing them. I'm pretty much on the smaller side, and I'm not strong at all, so when the much larger and stronger guy says he's in too much pain to move his heavy junk so I can get to my room, I end up having to move it myself, which kills my back. Of course, they would probably feel better, too, if they ate more than microwave food, fast food, and just junk in general. I have no idea how my one roommate isn't obese by now as all he does is sit in his room and smoke and eat. Doesn't even go outside.

    Don't even get me started on the smell. I don't know what's worse, the smell of marijuana or the smell of their body odour. Literally, when one of them open their door, and you are out there, you can literally smell both the pot smoke and their rank body odour. I don't even want to think about when the last time they got a bath was because they smell so bad I'm pretty sure just throwing a bucket of water on them will help.

    Sorry about hijacking your post lol I needed to vent this is kind of ridiculous. I would have moved out months ago if it wasn't for the fact this is the cheapest rent in the area and I can't afford my own apartment.


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