Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Darn computer viruses

So yesterday I got some sort of computer virus that wouldn't let me scan my computer with Malwarebytes on my account. I had to use my husbands account and scan the computer and it got rid of the virus...or so I thought.

I go back online after scanning for 4 hours and everything is fne for about 2 hours and then Bam! I get hit again.

So I scanned the computer with Avast anti virus and it caught another virus...a different one than Malwarebytes had caught earlier.

So late last night I was going fine and then this morning my computer froze on me. I don't know if maybe I still had the virus or what. I scanned again...with both this time on all accounts and there was nothing found. There went 9 hours I'll never get back...anyway. I log back on and now it said that the computer isn't configured for the proxy server. I'm like what?

Thankfully I remembered that when I have a connection problem that if I use IE the connection wizard will configure the problem and fix it for me. So I logged out of Firefox and logged into IE and the connection wizard comes on and asks if i want it to fix the connection problem...yes!

The virus I had must have re-configured some of the cards...whatever on my computer but thankfully the connection wizard fixed whatever was wrong. Now I am back...at least until the next virus attacks me.


  1. Mary, you have my sympathy. Viruses are no fun at all!

  2. Thank you shelley. Hopefully things will be fine now.


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