Sunday, January 06, 2013

Ratty Pictures

I switched cages last week and put the 4 younger boys into the bigger 2 level cage because my two older boys can't walk up and down the ramp any more and I don't want them getting hurt or falling down the ramp, so they are now in the single level cage. 

The boys are checking out their new digs. 

I think they like it. 

Bandit wondering how to get on the floor. 

Bandit, always the one wanting his picture taken. 

My two 3 year old boys went right in their bed to take a nap. 

Fang was trying to clean himself but Patches wanted to sleep on him. 

Ares and Hades. Ares is winking at you. 
(I actually think Hades whiskers were poking him in the

My old boys just want to sleep. Elderly rats love to cuddle, fall asleep on you and aren't as rambunctious as the youngsters. 


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