Thursday, May 02, 2013

Dogs Dying After Eating Medical Marijuana

The next time someone tells you that medical marijuana has never killed can tell them that's BS.

I saw on the news not too long ago that at least two dogs have died from ingesting edibles like baked goods and butter made with marijuana, because their human owners were too stoned or stupid to put the drugs up and out of the way.

After hearing about this and reading from veterinarians that the cases of marijuana poisoning has more than tripled each week in vet offices all over the US where medical marijuana is now legal, I knew I had another article to write.

And you can find it here.

The fact is, if you are going to have marijuana in your home and are not wise enough to keep it up out of the reach of your pets...then you shouldn't have pets.

And here is a few news stories for those out there that continue to say that marijuana has never killed anyone. That my friend, is a lie. Don't get caught up in the hype that just because marijuana is a plant and is all natural that it can't hurt you. Oleander is all natural and a plant and people use it to commit suicide all the time. So just because something is all natural and a plant does NOT mean it's good for you.

Police: Driver high on marijuana hits, kills pedestrian in Vancouver

Killed by cannabis: Boy, 17, dies falling down stairs while high on skunk ... and proves Sir Richard Branson is wrong about drugs

Man Convicted Of Causing Deadly Accident By Driving While Stoned

Driver In Crash That Killed Skokie Boy Allegedly High On Pot

Pot-smoking dad guns down college students as 7-year-old daughter hides under table: cops

Stoned Driving Nearly Doubles the Risk of a Fatal Crash

I just want to state that I am not against the use of Medical Marijuana for patients who are going through cancer treatment, are terminally ill, or going through other medical treatments that are causing them pain. I really feel for those people. What I am against are all these people who can now get their 'medical cannabis' card for ailments such as headaches, stress, back pain, anxiety, depression, the shakes, ect...There are medicines out there with little to no side effects that are better equipped in treating these types of ailments. Medical Marijuana should not be allowed to be used to these things. First it's a cop out and second, most people who get them for these ailments are faking the ailments in order to smoke week legally.

Anyone can go to their doctor and say they have back pain, headaches, stress or anxiety and there's really no way to the doctor to prove that you don't have these things.

But the next time that some idiot tries telling you that medical marijuana has never killed'll be able to tell them differently.


  1. Oh wow. That's crazy. Hadn't heard of that happening before :(

  2. I hadn't hear about this either. Thanks for the post.

  3. Yea Bear(John Radell) you should not have any marijuana you are a danger to yourself and others

  4. Never knew, but yeah people act like idiot on it

  5. Wow this is really really sad. Yes you're right...some pet owners should NOT have pets...

  6. This is so sad. Some people just don't care about their pets the way we do. I see mine as family members, especially since I don't have children. They are my only kids. Some people just see them as property and think people like us are morons. I think it makes us more human and caring to have love for pets.


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