Sunday, May 05, 2013

Lucky and the Lava Ledge

Lucky is my hyper, three legged rat. I take him out of his cage a minimum of three times a day and let him run around on the couch with us. 
He's always played, running from us and running back and wrestling with our hands. He's so funny. But he has really long, sharp nail on his back paws, so I thought if I put a Lava Ledge in his cage he would do what the other rats do in the other cage...hop on it and sit. When they move around on it, it works like a natural nail file and files down their nails. 

But no, he wants to destroy it!

Eat it!

Anything but sit on it. Well I guess he'll use it for a teeth file 


  1. I had work friends (now lifelong friends) who kept 2 rats and took good care of them. Once a fire in their room took the rats.

    Reading a few more posts about your rats might make me want a rat or two myself :-)

  2. I'm learning that animals never do what we expect!

  3. haha well at least now there is an easy snack

  4. KK, rats make great pets.

    Shelley, never..

    Pat, lol he got tired of it and now just ignores it.

  5. What a cutie! I just hope he doesn't file his teeth down too much. :)

  6. Oh what a funny boy. Looks like he's enjoying himself though!


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