Saturday, July 26, 2014

Birthday Party for a Pet

Before I had rats, I had hamsters. That's why the name of my blog address is... scary mary the hamster lady. lol Back when I made this blog I had 12 hamsters. All together I've had 19 hamsters in my life time. I like hamsters, they are really cute but they aren't as social, loving or friendly as rats are. So now I have rats. But I still love hamsters which is why I found this video to be so incredibly cute.

Good to know I'm not the only one who throws their pet a birthday party....

You may remember the party I had for Lucky's 1st birthday. I even baked him *me* a cake. LOL


  1. I do remember the party - and I envied him because I want that cake :)

  2. ha ha ill have mine with a side of baby carrots then you can hold my hand while i blow out the candles with a chorus of all things bright and beautiful.


  3. lol love it! We do parties for some of them here. Usually we get a bakery treat for us and wet food for them which they prefer. Those pictures kill me every time.

  4. I give them a new toy or as with the cat a piece of steak, other than that though, nope. no hats lol

  5. For our dog's birthday, we buy her some of that fancy soft dog food and sing "Happy Birthday to You." She's already trained that when she barks while we sing that song, she gets a the only way she knows it's her birthday is by getting the soft dog food.

  6. Keith- It was good cake. lol

    Beatrix- lol

    Adam- Thanks.

    Anna- Treats are good, they love treats.

    Pat- new toys are good.

    Stephanie- That sounds adorable.

  7. OE can have the cake--I am digging the hat!


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