Sunday, July 27, 2014


For some reason these tiny beetles come out in the summer time and love to make their way into my kitchen. I've caulked, sprayed, put a door stopper down, put a towel in front of the front door and taped up the windows and still...they get in. 

But since i'm now some sort of bug savior..I pick them up and take them outside. The other day a saw a spider on my foot, I just wiggled my foot until he got off and Ken heard me say, "Go eat some other bugs, spidey." And I let him scurry away. 

Yeah, I've gone completely insane.


  1. Ahh there would be endless girly squeals. Bugs totally freak me

  2. they probably get in through pipes or vents. Summer time is the worst, but for a true solution, pest control is the way.

  3. we live with wolf spiders and scorpions and roly-polies. the scorpions i kill. the spiders i leave roaming around unless they start bothering the pets.

  4. They get here somehow too, but the cats give them a chew

  5. Anna- Me too for the most part. If it were flying bugs or ants...*shudder* then it would be a totally different story.

    Adam- Yeah, I've caulked up most pipes, duct tapes the vents, and sealed the windows and still they get in. I don't use pest control because I know someone who works for a pest control company and he told me that his boss makes them water the solution down and spray sparingly so they have to come back out several times to make more money. I use DE Diotomaceous Earth and sprinkle it all over the cracks so if bugs do get in they are killed.

    TexWisGirl- I've seen pictures of wolf thanks.

    Pat- Good for the cat.

  6. Aww, we need to form a club then. My kids make me walk all the bugs outside. Evidently, we are a no kill bug dwelling (well, the cats take care of the flies).

  7. I usually put bugs outside. I just can't squish them.

  8. Where I live we get massive spiders and bugs so I'm not quite so understanding towards them. There's something about just planting your bum on the loo and realising there's an industrial sized spider right above your head!

    The other week we had some sort of millipede which disappeared the minute my husband tried to get it, only to reappear about twenty minutes later when he'd left the house. I'm hopeless at catching things but I grabbed an old dog food tin and some cardboard and managed it. When I tipped up the tin that thing made a sound like a penny hitting the bottom so it was evidently armour plated!



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