Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Grandson, Logan

Here are the first pictures of my grandson, Logan. He was born 1-31-2013 9lbs and 21 inches long.

I'm Gonna Be A Grandma Soon

My daughter went to the hospital yesterday and has been in labor for just over 24 hours now. They gave her Pitocin because her contractions weren't strong and after a few hours her labor wasn't progressing. After 24 hours in labor she is still only dialated 5cm and it looks liked she is stalled there. They broke her water and labor still isn't progressing. So they said if nothing more happens with her labor in the next 4 hours...they are scheduling her for a C-section.

I should be sharing pictures of Baby Logan very soon.

Introducing Lucky To The Other Rats

When I first got Lucky he was really tiny, about the size of an adult mouse, so we put him in a temporary aquarium. I had to use an aquarium because he was so small he could fit right between the bars of all the wire cages I had. I eventually wanted to put him in the big cage with my 4 other rats so he wasn't alone. 

Lucky is getting bigger and is more trusting and loves to come out and play now. When I first got him, he ran from my I put my hand in his cage and he jumps on waiting to be picked up. 

We introduced Lucky to Bandit while they were on the couch together and the introductions went quite well. They smelled each other, licked each other and chased each other around. Lucky is still too small to go in the big cage but I figure it will be very soon that he can join his cousins. 

We'll be making more introductions with the other three boys slowly as he gets bigger, but the first one went quite well. I'm very happy.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Photos

I was going through some of my photo albums and started scanning some of the pictures into the computer. This is my daughter back in 2005. It's one of my favorite pictures of her. 

My great aunt Marie got to meet Ricky Skaggs. 

This is Ken and I just a couple of weeks after our daughter was born. Ken used to let his hair grow wild. lol 

My younger brother, Billy. 

Me (on the left) and my daughter (on the right) both at age 16. I think we kinda look alike. 

Hubby when he was in the Army.

Now to the funny family photos. From left to right...My brother Billy, my dad, my mom and step dad. of course my dad is making a That's kinda his thing...he still makes faces. My mom was going through radiation and on steroids because she had cancer. The steroids make you gain weight and puff you up. She made a full recovery a while after this picture was taken though.

From left to right... My step dad, step mom, dad and mom. My mom is sitting on my dad's lap and she is making a face at him while my dad shows off his false teeth..Omg..and they were all snockered. My family get togethers are never 

One of the funniest photos I have is this one. From left to right..Ken, our daughter and my brother holding his son who is trying to rip off his nose. lol 

Me, my mom and uncle popeye. My mom decided to strike a pose right before we took the picture. lol 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Las Vegas Zoo

Bet ya didn't know we had a zoo, did ya? it's not a big zoo and I'm only posting a couple of pictures but yeah, we have a zoo. Inside the zoo there's a petting zoo where you can pet and feed the goats. They totally ignored us and kept sleeping until I bought 2 cups of food.

Then they woke up and started chasing us around, banging their heads into my legs. One almost knocked my daughter over and she threw her cup of food up in the air and ran for me. I picked her up and still had a cup of food for them and was getting beat all to hell by them ramming their heads into my legs. So I emptied my cup on the ground and calmly walked out of the petting zoo pen. The next day I was completely black and blue and in so much pain I could hardly walk. lol 

The funniest thing were the ostrich's. They had been sitting on the ground until my daughter walked over and then this one got up and spread its wings...scaring my daughter. her face pretty much shows how she Poor kid...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Hypothetical Question...

I have a question for you my friends. I don't know exactly what to think of this so I figured I would get some input from others. Here's my question...

A woman lets a man her boyfriend knows and is friends with move in with her because he has no other place to stay. She gives him his own room and they are nothing but friends.

Then one night, they start drinking together and both of them get drunk and have consensual sex that night, but in the morning when she wakes up she calls her boyfriend and tells him that his friend got her drunk and essentially took advantage of her...she actually uses the word "rape" to explain the situation to her boyfriend.

Now she acknowledges that she never said, "No" and at the time it was consensual...but she states that she thinks it is 'rape' because he got her drunk and took advantage of her.

My problem with this is, they were both drunk and she never said 'No'. She only regretted what she did the next day when she sobered up and realized she would have to explain how she ended up in bed with her boyfriends friend.

So now she is claiming she was "raped" by the guy and it's not ringing true to me. If she truly thought she was raped wouldn't she have called the police instead of just kicking the guy out?

What do you think?

Some of Our Other Animals

My daughter with our very first rat, Romi. 

One of our hamsters had 5 babies and we had a lot of fun playing with them. lol 

Baby the dwarf hamster lived to be 4 years old, which is really old for a dwarf hamster. For the last few months of her life she would only eat soft human foods and even though I put a little portion for her on the table where I was sitting...she wanted to sit in my bowl and eat. You should have seen the look on my mom's face..LOL 

Romi, my first rat. She lived to be 4 years old and for the last few months could not bite through anything hard so I gave her soft human food and canned dog food. She loved her dog food.

Chance, the dwarf hamster. 

Onyx, the dwarf hamster. yes, he's sitting on my plate with a slice of my mom's pumpkin bread. LOL My mom got used to me letting the animals eat off my plates. 

Baby just a few days before she passed away, still enjoying her mashed potatoes. They were all very happy and completely spoiled little fuzzbutts.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Flu

Yep, I've got it. Sorry if  haven't been around much lately or coming by to leave a comment on your blog. I've been down with the flu for the past few days but I'm hoping to be back up and chatting again soon. I've seen on Facebook that a lot of my friends also have the flu. Here's to hoping that we all start to feel better soon.

Friday, January 25, 2013

RIP Hades

R.I.P. Hades
November 14th 2010 - January 24th 2013
My 3 year old boy Hades, passed away this afternoon. He had been slowing down over the past few days so I had been checking on him often to make sure he was doing alright and when he came out of his house this afternoon, we picked him up and held him and within a couple of minutes he passed away.

It was like he knew his time was almost up and wanted to be with us...and he was.

Goodbye my sweet boy.

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too.

I received both the free box of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal and the coupon for a free box of Claritin D from BzzAgent. I also received coupons for .50 off the cereal and $3 off the Claritin D, so if you would like a coupon just let me know and I'll send you one until they run out. 

You can sign up for BzzAgent too and receive free products to try in your home.

I also won a tin filled with goodies in a blog hop from Capri Montgomery. There were candles, flashlight key chain, stress ball, calculator and refrigerator magnet from Capri Montgomery.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

I thought I would share a few of the pictures we've taken on our trips to Red Rock Canyon here in Nevada. It's just a short drive from Las Vegas but once you get there it's totally different from all the lights and glitter here in Vegas. We've gone there quite a few times over the past 20 years. This is Ken and our daughter when she was younger. 

Since they have their jackets on you can tell it's in the winter, but it still was nice hiking weather. I actually prefer it in the winter months before the snow gets on everything. I don't have to deal with the bugs in the winter. lol 

My daughter and I. You just don't get mountainous views like that here in the Las Vegas Valley. It's great for hiking in Red Rock.  

On the way to Red Rock, we would stop and feed/pet the donkeys that are always waiting for food. People pull their cars over all the time and feed the donkeys and they just stand there and let you feed and pet them.

Ken and our daughter on another trip to Red Rock. 

When one of our hamsters passed away, we took him to Red rock and buried him under a really pretty tree. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Man's Best Friend

As you probably know by now I don't have dogs or cats as pets, I have rats. But my brother has a dog and my mom had a dog. I wondered why a dog was considered man's best friend so I did some research and found out. If you'd like to know the story of How The Dog Became Man's Best Friend... just click the link.

Since it's right after Christmas I thought I would talk a little about pets and how they are a commitment, not just a "I'll take care of it until I get sick of it".

As with any pet, you should never ever adopt or accept an animal unless you plan on keeping them. I've seen it too many times. A family or person in the family decides that they want to adopt a pet and they don't think about the commitment it's going to take to care for the animal and after a while, they give the pet away, take it to a shelter without letting other family members know what they've done. 

Thinking that it will be easier on the rest of the family if you lie to them and tell them you gave the animal away to a neighbor, or it ran away when in actuality you took it to the animal shelter without telling the rest of the family because you just couldn't deal with it any longer is not the right thing to do. 

The very least you can do is make sure the animal you are getting rid of is going to a forever home and will be happy. 

Another thing to consider, especially since Easter is right around the corner is not to get pet bunnies for your niece or nephew without asking the parents. bringing home a cute pet for a family member may seem like a great idea and would make a great gift but if they are willing to take the time to care for the's a bad idea. 

Don't take on an animal without really thinking about the commitment you're going to have to put into this. Animals aren't disposable pets and should be treated with respect. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

You Could Score A Free Package Of Oscar Mayer Pulled Pork

Click their Facebook Page and 'like' their page and write a couple of words (Taste A Monial) about why you like their product and then fill out the form. If they get enough people to do this everyone who signs up will get a coupon for a free product.

It's a really easy sign up and you could score something for free!


It was raining in California a couple of weeks ago and my brother took a picture of a rainbow he saw while running errands. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

President Obama Is On Yahoo! Contributor Network

I just saw today that President Obama has an article published on YCN, the same place I write for. You can read President Obama's Article here.

And while you're there you can find my article's here.


My Thought For The Day...

Just because you say you are spiritual doesn't mean you are if your every action shows that you are actually a jerk. Just as getting whisker implants, and wearing a dog collar doesn't make you a dog. Just saying you are a spiritual person without having it backed up with the actions in your life doesn't make it so.

You can't have it both ways.

Rat Scratches

One of my rats, Bandit...decided he wanted to grab a hold of my hand and climb on it. The result was three little claw marks on my hand. lol 

I don't get a lot of scratches from them but when they dig their claws in to grab a hold..this can be the result. He tried giving me kissed later..Made it all better. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Making Friends

If you've been reading my blog for the past couple of months you know that I adopted 4 rats a while back from a friend and one of those rats, Fang...would not let Ken pet him, especially through the bars of a cage. Fang bit Ken on more than one occasion. I told you about Ken getting bit in this blog post and he has been bitten by Fang, not once, not twice but 4 times. Once on the nose. 

Fang didn't want Ken touching him when I was holding him or petting him and when Ken would come over to pet him while I was holding him, he would turn away or nip him. I think Fang thought Ken was competition for my affection. So I would hold Fang and have Ken come over and pet him while I petted him too and after a while he stopped turning away from Ken and let him pet him. It took a while longer for Ken to be able to put him fingers through the bars of the cage like I could to pet him, even though he would come and sit over by the corner of the cage and look at him, if Ken put his fingers in there, he would get bit. 

So I sat in front of the cage while Ken was on the side like in the picture and I would pet Fang in the cage while Ken pet him through the bars of the cage and after a while he stopped trying to bite Ken. 

As you can see, fang likes coming over to the corner now and getting petted. Ken also gives him little bits of whatever he's eating, so that didn't hurt. LOL

Fang and Ken are now buddies. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freebie Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, where I tell you what free samples and full sized products I received in the mail and how you can get them too.

This week I received a sample bag of Purina Cat Chow from Costco and I found the link for that on Hey It's Free.

I also received two sample boxes of Align Probiotic from Vocal Point

You can sign up at Vocal Point and receive random freebies too. You have to contribute to discussions on the site and when they have free samples available you can also sign up for those. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Favorite Books

Everyone has favorite books. Books that you either never give away and have re-read, or are a part of a series that you love and can't wait for the next book to come out. While other books have sentimental value because of the person that gave it to you, or how you got it.

Here are some of my favorite books.

I couldn't make this list without adding a book from this series. Anita kicks ass!

I have to say this is a book from one of my all time favorite series. I tell everyone who asks for a great series of books about these books because I haven't been let down by one of them. 

Can't say enough about Gena's books. I'm a huge fan and most of the people I talk to about PNR books, also love her books. 

Sara has a great series out and I impatiently await the next book from her. If you like shifters, you'll love her books. They are hot!

I love shifters and Jennifer Ashley has a great series that I love to read. I have read all the books in this series so far and can hardly wait for the next one.

This is by far the longest book on my bookshelf and it had to be to tell us Acheron's story. This is my favorite book in this series and every book in this series is an auto buy for me. 

So what are some of your favorite books?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My boys...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finding A Lost Loved One Or Old School Friend

It may seem like a great idea to go and look for a long lost relative or someone you went to school with in this age of technology, but are you prepared for the consequences if things go bad?

A decade ago before I really knew what I was doing on the intenet, I went through a website to help me find a relative that had been put up for adoption and with their help I did find him. My family welcomed him into our family with open arms and it seemed like things were going well for a while but sooner or later the real person shows through, they really can't keep up the fake persona for too long and when they start feeling comfortable around you, all the fake falls away and all you have left is the real truth. Sometimes it's not so pretty.

So after years of dealing with the drama, the lies, and the weirdness we all parted ways with him and most of his extended family.

So my advice to anyone looking for old friends, relatives ect... Don't. Not unless you are emotionally prepared to deal with things you never though you'd have to deal with because you don't really know this person. Even if you knew them in high school and got along great with them, were best friends...if it's been a while, they have changed...hell, you have changed and you might not hit it off so well again.

It's something to think about. Do you really want to bring potential drama into your life? Into your families life? Most likely the answer is no.

I know it's easy to find people these days, all you really have to do is Google someones name and you'd most likely be able to find them. That happened to me a while back when an old friend from high school contacted me on FB. Imagine my surprise. After a few months though, things got weird and he got weird and I ended up having to unfriend and block him...people change over time and sometimes not for the better.

So be careful out there...

A Late Christmas Card

I received this in the mail last week. I found it funny. Happy Obamacare...LOL