Thursday, August 30, 2012

Petrified Wood

A friend of mine posted some pictures of the Petrified Forest a couple of weeks ago and I commented that I inherited a piece of petrified wood from my mother after her passing. So I thought that would make a good blog post and here are pictures of the piece of petrified wood I have. 

It's about 6 inches long and think in some spots while thin in others. My mom got it from her father who got it who knows where. 

This picture shows how it's thick on one half while being thin on the other half. 

I have been to the petrified forest located in Arizona but I hardly remember it since I was a little kid. But at least I have this little piece of history from a time when maybe my grandfather or even my great grandfather may have visited there. 

On a side note, my daughter also has a small piece of petrified wood that she found in a box of junk that someone threw away. Obviously they had no idea what they had.