Saturday, September 03, 2005

WTF is wrong with some people?

My daughter comes and asks me if she and 3 of her other friends can go to the movies last night. I said yes, but before you go I need to know what you are seeing, who's taking you, when you'll be back, what time the movie starts and ends and who's going.
I really didn't think I was asking to much. I mean all these girls are only 14 years old.
So they go back over to Tia's house and call the theatre to find out the times and how much it is. She calls me and tells me they are going to see the Cave and it ends at 7:20pm. Tia's dad was taking them and he said he would be there to pick them up at 9pm. I was like wait, 9pm? She said yeah that they wanted to go to the arcade in the the hotel and play some games. I was like it's going to be 7:30 at night and 4 teenage girls are going to be walking alone in the hotel? No this isn't a good idea. You see I know these girls and a couple of them are real bad apples. So I tell her to tell tia's dad that I expect them to be home at 8pm and I hear her tell hima and he says ok. So about 7:30 last night my daughter calls me and tells me that tia's dad called tia on her cell phne and told her they were having car trouble and he was going to be there at 9pm. I asked my daughter what they were going to do and do you know what she told me? She said well tia's dad gave us $20.00 for the arcade so were going to go play. Now tell me this......
If tia's dad had any intention at all of picking them up at 7:30 why did he give them money for the arcade?
And why didn't he just call me if he had car trouble to go and pick the kids up?
So I told my daughter to make suyre she stayed in the arcade that I would be there in a few minutes to pick them up.
I went over to tia's dads first to see if they were working on his car and of course they werent. I asked him why he didn't just call me to pick them up and he said he thought I was being to over protective. I was so pissed. I told him I was too mad to talk right then but when I got back with the kids we were going to talk. I went and picked the kids up at 8pm and of course one of them was gone. She went up on the roof. So we had to call ehr on her cell phone and she was like I don't have to come down I said well I dont have to give you a ride homw. lol So she got donw and I teold her mother what she did going on the roof and she did nothing, she said noithing. I just can't believe these parents. WTF is wrong witrh them? It's not me, I know I was right...These kids are 14 years old, anything could happen to them. So me and tias father had a long talk last night. He still thinks I am too over protective and should ahve let them stay in the arcade until 9 pm. Well thats not the problem. the problem is that he gave them money for the aracde and had no intention of picking them up when I asked and he lied to me. Thats not right. I'm sure I'll have more to right later after we talk again, cause my kid might not be able to go anywhere with him and his kid if he is going to lie to me. I may have to be the one to drive them and pick them up from now on. This is ridiculous.