Thursday, December 17, 2015

RIP Flower

I adopted Flower and Scribbles at the same time and Scribbles passed away a couple of months ago. I rescued them in 2014. Flower passed away tonight at the old age of 2.8 years old. 

She was the first hairless rat I've ever had and I had a little to learn about them, like how she liked to pose for the camera. She was such a diva and my friend even made this meme when she saw her picture. 

When she and Scribbles turned a year old, I made them a birthday cake. She hid over in the corner with a little bite.

She soon became the most lovable little rat and loved coming out, running around and dive bombing our shirts.

She was so photogenic and it seemed like she posed for the camera all the time.

She loved food and treats and I cut these tiny strips of carrot because it was fun watching her eat them. 

She got a little whip cream on her chin one day when she and I shared a piece of pumpkin pie. I share this picture all the time because it's the cutest thing ever.

She tried grabbing the plastic bag one morning when I was spot cleaning her cage. How cute are her tiny fingers?

She lived the life of comfort and loved her hammocks and fleece cubes.

But her most favorite place to be was inside my or Ken's shirt. 

When I put this big soft bed in her cage, she loved it and slept in it often. 

Flower loved ice cream too. She was nice enough to let me have a few bites of my ice cream cone. 

This is the last picture I took of her this week. She was slowing down and I knew it would probably be soon that she would be gone so she was getting all sorts of her favorite foods. She is eating a piece of Vienna Sausage here. 

She was 2.8 years old and since rats live between 2-3 years, she was an old lady rat. 
She was a very happy old lady rat though and I'm going to miss her. 

Review: Tropicana Vitamin C and Zinc Orange Juice

From the BzzAgent Website

Made without added sugars, water or preservatives, Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc has 3x as much Vitamin C as regular OJ. This delicious 100% orange juice is made with fresh squeezed oranges and is an excellent source of Vitamin C and good source of zinc to help support a health immune system.

My Review

I was sent a free full size bottle of this orange juice and it was gone in 2 days because Ken and I really liked it. I hadn't tried this particular orange juice before but we have tried Tropicana before and we liked it. This orange juice wasn't bitter at all and it didn't have a bunch of bulky pulp in it. It really tasted like fresh squeezed orange juice without having to squeeze it myself. I'll definitely be purchasing this orange juice in the future.

And it was gone in a day. Must go buy more now.

Disclosure: I was sent a free full size bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice from BzzAgent.