Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly Rat Facts: Rat Massage

If you have a rat, chances are you already know they love to be petted. Now there's petting and then there's massaging. Lucky loves getting petted but he also likes a little massage. Giving your rat a massage is easy just watch the video and see how much Lucky loves it. This is a daily thing for me and him. First he runs around the cage playing with me and then he lays down waiting for his massage. I kid you not. He's a real cuddler.

Most rats will go into a state of eye boggling bliss while they are getting a massage or being petted. Rats are very affectionate little animals.

Then he'll put his head in my hand and just want to be petted for a while. My two other rats will lay down once I start petting them and they will allow me to pet them, I can even put Bandit to sleep while I'm petting him but once he's finished with me, he'll get up and go in his house and push me away with his nose as if to say, "Okay mommy, I don't want to be petted any more right now. You may leave." lol

But Lucky will lay in my hand for an hour or more if I stayed there. When we take him out for free time on the couch he'll run around playing attack the hand for a while and then he'll just lay down next to one of us and go to sleep as we pet him.