Thursday, September 22, 2016

Universal Yums Review

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box that sends you snacks from all over the world. A different place each month. This month's box is from Taiwan. There are two box sizes to choose from. The 6 or more snacks or 12 or more snacks. I chose the 6 or more snacks box.  For my box size, it's $13.00 a month. And they sent quite a bit in my box. The other box costs $25.00 a month.

This month's box was from Brazil and it had 16 treats in it. 

There were quite a few really good snacks and a few flops as far as I'm concerned. So let me tell you a little about my favorites. 

This was a crunchy puffed chip type snack with a really interesting lime and spicy flavor to it. At first I wasn't sure I liked them but they grew on me. 

Caramel corn. You really can't mess up caramel corn and this was really good. The popcorn was fresh and crunchy and the caramel was really sweet and tasted good. 

Now this was my favorite. It was chocolate and peanut butter and really tasted like a reeses peanut butter cup. It was good. 

There ere also some coffee candies that pretty much tasted like all the other coffee candies I've had but that's a good thing. And there was a chocolate wafer cookie which was really good. 

The flops for me were a very crumbly powdery type treat that had a weird taste and the fruit rolls that tasted like fruit but not the fruit pictured on the package. They both tasted like fig to me and Ken. 

All in all not a bad box of treats and it was fun to try things from Brazil.