Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am Anti-Marijuana

I have seen too many people spouting the lies about marijuana for way to long and I just can't nor won't be quiet about how I feel about it any longer. I am anti marijuana, anti medical marijuana. It's a drug, it gets you high. Period. There are no good uses for it, it doesn't help anyone, it doesn't cure cancer and it sure as hell doesn't help anyone suffering from PTSD, social anxiety, depression or seizures.

Someone actually sent me an article in which they proclaimed that a parent gave their child marijuana and it cured his cancer, it's utterly ridiculous. If it cures cancer than why aren't all the pot heads who have cancer and are smoking it because they falsely believe that it can help them gain their appetite back or ease their come it isn't curing their cancer? Because it doesn't cure cancer. That's why. It's not medicine. Stop spreading your lies about how this is a natural medicine and it cures all kinds of things. Just because it grows in the ground does not mean it's medicine. Oleander also grow in the ground..if you eat them they kill you. Just because it's "all natural" doesn't mean it's good for you.

It's a drug. It gets you high. That's all it does.

Want to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD? Take a xanax and talk to a psychiatrist. Pot does not cure these ailments, it masks them while you are HIGH as hell and you don't care. Just like an alcoholic when he gets drunk doesn't care about his problems while he is drunk the pot head isn't bothered by their problems while high and gets a false sense of being "better" because they are smoking pot, when in actuality they are just too high to really understand what's going on in their brain.

Smoking pot actually causes a lot of the symptoms that people smoke it for. It causes paranoia, diarrhea, foggy thinking, weakened immune system, lung disease and makes seizure disorders worst.

I found some great pages on Fb that you can join if you are against marijuana getting anymore wide spread than it already is.

Mothers Against Synthetic Pot

Marijuana Makes You Violent

Anti Marijuana

Do You Give Money To The Homeless?

I have on occasion given a few dollars to a homeless person who was standing on the street asking for food money. I just hate the thought of someone going hungry.

Then I saw this documentary a few years ago about the homeless in Las Vegas where a news crew hung out with over a dozen homeless people and they showed the crew how they made money, how much they made and what their life was really like.

Most the the homeless people they followed had homes and a car and wore old stinky clothes and held signs that read "Homeless need money for food"

They showed the crew that they were making upwards of $100 a day and when they made enough they would walk around the block, get int heir car and drive home.

Some of the people said they couldn't get a job because they were felons, made more money pan handling or were drug addicts and couldn't hold down a job.

It was sad but it also made me mad.

So the next time I saw a homeless person asking for money for food I asked them if they would like a burger from the fast food place I was going to. Only one time out of 4 did the guy say yes. All the other guys said they would rather have the money which they did not get.

Now I realize not all homeless have cars, a home or are going to use the money for drugs, booze ect.. but if I offer to buy them food you would think they would be happy to accept it and that's not always the case because some of them are scam artists and don't want food, they want the money for other reasons.

I think if someone wants to help the real homeless that actually need the help, they should give money to the shelters, food banks, chow halls, and homeless shelters that help the homeless in their area.