Sunday, November 03, 2013

Because Some People Just Need Something To Complain About

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Are people really debating whether or not the sports teams names of Redskins, Braves and Chiefs...are somehow dishonoring the Native American people?

Is this a real debate? A real problem?

Is it somehow racist to refer to a team as the braves? I don't think so and there's a lot of people out there that don't think so either...and some of those people are Native Americans. Just take a look at any forum or news article about this subject and you'll see most of the people all up in arms about these names...aren't Native Americans. 

Just look at this article.

In it the person even says that leaders of Native American tribes have written to the owner of the redskins and asked him not to change the name of the team.."
“I would be offended if they did change,” he quoted Patawomeck Tribe retired Chief Robert Green as saying. “Completely remove the Indian identity from anything and pretty soon, you have a wipeout in society of any reference to Indian people.”"

So why is this in the news? Why is it a big deal? Because the media likes to start drama where there isn't any. A few people have voiced an opinion about how teams names are racist and should not be used, so now the media is making it seem like a big deal when in reality, it's not. Also there are some pseudo native Americans *people who claim to be but aren't* who are raising a stink over the names. They are causing drama where none exists. 

C'mon media...get onto some real news. 

Also I read in another article that Native Americans are upset because kids were able to buy Indian costumes for Halloween? Are you kidding me? Kids have been playing cowboys and indians for as long as I can remember but I guess that's racist too now? Are we really going to tell our kids that dressing up like a Native American Princess is a bad thing? That a 6 yr old dressing in an indian costume for Halloween is somehow dissing the Native American culture as a whole and by her dressing in that costume she is making fun of a whole society of people that now consider her and her parents racist for letting her dress in that costume?

Have things gone too far? Yes, they have. The whining and crying of of these asshats who are crying racist around every corner needs to be quieted, stopped and drowned out by people who aren't trying to bring us back to the days of the knuckle dragging troglodyte's who were dragging their females back to the cave by their hair. 

This isn't a real problem people. Find something else to complain about.