Saturday, September 01, 2012


The reason I write articles about small animal care is because I want people who have these little animals to know what to do in an emergency, how to take care of them from day to day and why they deserve love, affection, respect and care just like any other animal. Just because they are small and are cheap pets to adopt doesn't mean they don't deserve to be well cared for. 

When I bought my first mouse when I was 12 I had no idea how to care for him, I did the best job I could of course and I think I did pretty well. He would even sit on my math book (eating the pages) while I did my math homework and I would share my cookies with him. 

But when I got my first hamster when I was 13, I freaked out when she started stuffing her cheek pouches and called the pet store to ask how to stop her from choking. (I know I've told you this story before) The guy just laughed at me and said she was fine that it was normal. It would have been nice to have something to tell me about all these things I would experience with these pets, which I why I write these articles

Here's Ares taking an Apple Jack from my fingers. 

My boys cuddling together. These two cuddle together a lot while sleeping. Rats are social animals and like to have a cage mate. They also like to have interaction with their humans so it's important to take them out and play with them every day. Of course when I take these two lazy butts out now, they just lay down next to us and want to be petted. 

Hades eating an Apple Jack. Sugary cereal isn't an ideal snack but it's an ok treat if given minimally and just every once in while as a reward or treat.