Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: Tempted By the Vampire Guardian by Rachel S. William

Book Description

Will she risk everything, including love to find her family? Download this Steamy Vampire Romance to find out!!!

Mariska Wasi was young average college student. She had just finished up a challenging five years at California's top legal college. Next stop, back home to Egypt to help her parents law firm. They specialized in help people of a certain kind escape repression, people of the supernatural world that is.

When a vampire, whom she assumes was sent by the vicious and murderous Naqi family shows up at her school, Mariska must decide if she should leave school and return home or stay and fight. When her parents go missing, the decision is made for her about what to do. She will stop at nothing to find her parents and protect them. Even the charming prince Daemon can't stop her from finding the people she loves most in the world. 

His charm and the secrets he’s hiding intrigue her though. She wants to stay with him in his castle and be with him intimately, but her family will always come first. Will Mariska risk everything, including love to find her family or will she be too late to save any of them from the brutal Naqi Family

Please be aware that this short romance story. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read.

My Review

I was looking for books on Amazon and saw this as a free one. So I took a chance since it sounded good. 

Prince Daemon helped people and people thought of him as a savior while the Naqi family were murderers and the baddest of the bad kind of family. The Naqi family had tried to over throw Prince Daemon several times but always failed. Mariska didn't know what Prince Daemon looked like so when a vampire showed up and tried to talk to her, she just thought he was sent there by the Naqi family to kill her. It's not until her parents tell her who he is that she realizes her mistake. 

Her parents have tried to help supernaturals which angers the Naqi family and puts them in danger. Prince Daemon offers to keep them all safe from the Naqi family but her parents go missing almost right away and then Mariska is kidnapped and then sent free to deliver a message to Prince Daemon. 

The keepers were a legendary group of undead that knew all the secrets of the world and there was also a guardian but they were almost a myth because not many people knew about them. I was enjoying this story and then it ended abruptly and another book popped up after I turned the pages. This was called, The Bad Boy Meeting and I figured what the hell, I'll read a little and see if I'll like it. I read about 30 pages and just couldn't get into it at all. 

I really don't like to start reading a book and end up having it end abruptly and then find another book when nothing about another book is in the description. The cover for this book made it seem like it would be a scary vampire type story but it wasn't scary or dark and needed more story before it ended. It was a bit of a let down since I was mostly enjoying the first story. I know there's a warning that this is a short story but the author could have at least made it a complete story. At least it was free and I didn't lose any money on this. 

I give the first story a 2 out of 5 stars. 
That second story was a DNF for me.