Sunday, March 27, 2016

Product Review: Large Backpack with Lunch Kit and Binder by Fast Forward

Product Description

Back to school shopping can be a nightmare, but not anymore! Now you can buy all of your child's essentials in one affordable purchase. This set from Fast Forward includes a full sized backpack, binder, and lunch bag. This purchase is perfect for the last minute shoppers, or just people who generally like to get lots of quality at a little price! You child will love their matching school set with their favorite characters on it. Make learning fun this year for them with adorable designs and bright colors. Best of all, each of the pieces fit together for one easy to carry bundle, perfect for little ones! This set has plenty of storage and organization. The lunch bag is thoroughly insulated, and the binder holds all of those A+ papers. All for one low price that will keep you and your child happy!

My Review

My grandson is 3 years old and I've been buying things for when he starts school and while I know that's a couple of years away, I also know it's never too early to start getting these things. So I decided to buy the Avengers backpack/lunchbox duo. I really liked that it came with a folder and everything fits together nicely. It has a sparkle to it that is in the fabric not added as glitter so it's not going to come off. I really like that the lunch box is a good size and fits with velcro right onto the backpack. The material this is made from looks and feels very sturdy so it's not going to fall apart the first week of school.

I really like how colorful and vibrant the colors and pictures are on the backpack, folder and lunchbox. I think my grandson will like this and I'm going to fill it with school supplies before I give it to my daughter as a surprise for both of them.