Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I Found A New Snack For My Rats

Ken was at the local CVS the other day and saw small sample size pouches of this new Krave cereal and thought I might like it because it has chocolate in it. While I didn't care for it, my rats sure did. Since they are so small *rat sized*, I decided to keep a pack around as a treat for my rats. 

They have a cereal on the outside and a chocolate center. Rats love cereal and chocolate so since they are so small, it's actually a nice treat for them. Just remember they are treats, not something I would give every day. Just occasionally. 

Scribbles liked it so much that I had to hold on to it just to get a picture because he'd take it and run off to hide while he ate it. lol *Don't worry that's not blood around his eye. It's something called porphyrin. He gets it around that one eye but he's fine*

Flower, being the lady she is, Sniffed it delicately, snatched it and ran back to her house to gobble it up. lol