Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What It's Like Having A Hairless Rat

This is my hairless rat, Flower. She is 2 years old and although I've had rats for about 15 years, she's my first hairless one. I wasn't sure if she would need extra or different type of care after I rescued her from a lady who no longer wanted her so after doing research, I wrote an article about How to Care For A Hairless Rat

Care for a hairless rat and a furred rat is pretty much the same although I do have to rub Extra Virgin Olive Oil on her skin each month, not that she minds. It's just another game to her. She also gets a little extra protein in her diet and has extra blankets in her houses so she can stay warm if she's cool. 

Flower is very affectionate and will lick my hands *give kisses* while she is out running around on the couch or if I put my hand in her cage. 

She can get a little messy, especially if I share some whip cream from my pie with her. lol 

And she thinks she's a cover model. Easy Breezy Cover Rat.