Thursday, August 31, 2023

Product Review: Accmor Ball Lights


Right before Hurricane Hilary came our way, I charged up all my flashlights, changed the batteries in others, got out the candles ect. But I also bought a pack of these ball lights because they looked interesting. So I wanted to share them with you in case you've never seen them before. 

They come 50 to a pack for $8.99

This is what they look like. All you do is pull the little plastic tabs and they light up. 

If you save the little plastic tabs, you can stick them back inside the slot and the light will turn off. I read some of the reviews for these and some people said they kept the lights on to see how long it would last and the lights lasted anywhere from 1-2 weeks before they finally turned off. The light is pretty bright, I turned one on in daylight near a window so you could see how bright it was. I just stuck the tab back inside the slot to turn it back off. 

I turned on 3 of the ball lights in total darkness and you can see how bright they were even with a camera that doesn't take good pictures in the dark. 

I read some of the reviews and they said they used them for balloon decorations and other crafts. If we lost power I was going to turn a handful on and pop them into a glass to act as a little lamp for the bathroom. They are bright enough for that. For now I'll just keep them in a drawer for the next time we lose power at night and I need a little light. I thought they were cool and wanted to share what I found. 

I found them on Amazon for $8.99 and there are 50 of the light balls in a pack.