Thursday, March 30, 2023

Book Review: Captured By The Alien Warrior by Presley Hall


Book Description

In the far reaches of space, you have to keep your guard up to survive. But this gorgeous alien warrior is breaking down my defenses.

Three years ago, alien raiders abducted me from Earth.

I escaped to a remote trading planet, where I’ve scraped by and kept my identity as a human hidden… until one day, I get caught stealing from a mysterious warrior named Rok.

Aliens are dangerous and untrustworthy. Or at least, that’s what I’ve always thought. But Rok is different. Despite being furious that I took something from him, he doesn’t hurt me.

Instead, he offers to help me.

I’m not sure I should trust him—or if I can trust myself around him. Because every time I look into his gold-rimmed eyes, the ice around my heart melts a little. His touch sends licks of fire over my skin, and he gazes at me with such possessive heat that I feel like I’ll combust.

But I know better than to put my faith in an alien. And I certainly know better than to fall in love with one.


My Review

Tara is abducted from Earth and is about to be sold as a slave when she escapes and lands on an alien planet. She learns real quick that she needs to hide her identity so she wears a suit that covers her from head to toe so no one knows she's a human. But she owes money to the alien mob boss on the planet. He had told her he would give her time to pay the debt off but now he wants all his money or bad things are going to happen. So she sets out to steal a rare and valuable plant from Rok, thinking it won't be that hard. 

But Rok does catch her and wants his plant back. He's willing to help her steal something else that's more valuable as long as he gets his plant back. This plant ends up having great meaning to him and we find out why later. So they team up to steal something that should be able to pay off her debt completely while spending time together planning the robbery. They get to really know each other and Tara finds out that not all aliens are as terrible as she had though but it still takes her a while to trust him completely after everything she's been through. 

Rok has feelings for Tara but he doesn't act on them because he doesn't want to scare her and he doesn't think she could possibly feel the same about him but Tara has been fighting her feelings since meeting him. They end up making plans to leave the planet which throws them together for a period of time again and they stop fighting their feelings and get together but Tara isn't convinced about the mating bond that Rok says they have. I loved Rok, if we get invaded by aliens at some point, I can only hope they are like him. 

I give this 5 out of 5 stars.