Sunday, October 07, 2012

Making Pewter Statues

I have tried all sorts of crafts over the years and when I received a packet in the mail one day about making my own pewter figurines, I sent in my check and received everything needed to make these figurines. 

Now, this was 15 years ago that I made these and I've looked for that particular company that sent this kit to me and I can't find them, so they must not exist anymore. But there are tons of pewter making kits available out there. In the kit I bought for $40 I received enough pewter to make 4 statues, the rubber molds, clamps,  the little pot and stove to melt the pewter in, the crystals and a bottle of chemicals I used on the darker wizard on top to make the pewter darker and look aged. 

I had fun using the kit and might even look into buying another one in the future.