Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My Crazy Neighbors

If you are friends with me on FB, you've probably seen me post pictures of my crazy neighbors or tell stories of them. Well this week is no exception. Now while the police presence has died down quite a bit and I haven't been seeing them around as much, it seems that my neighbors have decided to start doing weird things. So being me, I took a couple of pictures of said weirdness...

In this picture you can see a blue and orange bouncy house that my neighbor bought for her kids. She set it up in the middle of the courtyard and the kids were yelling and screaming. It didn't bad until the mother also got in it and started screaming, "Hot Potato, hot potato!" at the top of her lungs. Several people in my courtyard complained to the manager that she and her kids were making too much noise in the common area in front of the 16 apartments in my courtyard and she had to take it down. 

Then this week my neighbor set up a camping tent right in front of his door. It was set up for several days and when I walked by it with the dog in the morning, there was a sleeping bag in it. So I guess he just wanted to have a camp out. lol 

Oh and if you haven't seen it before, I've also taken a few videos of my crazy neighbors. Here's one of the best one's. 

Turn the sound up so you can hear it. Yes, I filmed through the screen door, I wasn't about to open the door and have them start screaming at me too. LOL