Thursday, May 06, 2021

Review: Blue Apron Meals


A friend of mine sent me an offer to accept 2 free meals from Blue Apron. So I did and was signed up for their weekly meal delivery but could cancel it after my first box if I wanted to. They sent all of the ingredients for 2 dinners in prepacked baggies. Plus they sent two recipe cards that were really easy to follow. All I had to do was chop everything and cook it. 

One of the meals I made was roasted purple potatoes, steam buns with pork patties, marinated cucumbers in miren and two sauces, one for the pork patties and one for the potatoes. It was pretty good. And it was easy to make.

The other meal was top sirloin steaks, roasted potatoes and kohlrabi, miso kale and a sauce made with rice vinegar, brown sugar and black bean sauce. This dinner was my favorite. 

New things I tried with these two meals: 

Sauteed Kale
Black Bean Sauce
Steam buns
Hoisen Sauce

But I enjoyed trying all of this new stuff. I even used a clove of garlic in the pork patties and I detest garlic. lol I'll be buying some miren and hoisen sauce in the future for sure. Cucumbers marinated in miren and are really good. I'm on the fence with the black bean sauce. I didn't really care for that. But being able to try new things with these easy to cook meals was a lot of fun. The only drawback for me is for these two dinners a week, Blue Apron wants to charge $71 a week and that was a little too much for me. So I cancelled my subscription after I got the first box. 

Have you tried any of the meal subscription boxes? 

I also tried Green Chef a while back and you can find my review of that here