Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge: B is For Bouncing Baby Ratties

My new girl, Flower bounces all over her cage. She's a hairless rat and about 6 months old and has so much energy. Her favorite past time....climbing all over everything. She climbs on me, the couch, on me, held on to my hair and climbed down my back and after being out of her cage for a while she goes back home to climb the bars of her cage. That's her straight in the back there.

She loves to climb the bars of her cage and bounce around where ever she is.

She was even hanging from the very top a few minutes after this picture was taken. 

She climbed right up on top of the water bottle after I snapped this picture. But my camera doesn't take pictures fast enough for me to get pictures of everything she was climbing on because she's so fast. 

But rats, especially young rats with boundless energy can and will climb on everything and love doing it.