Thursday, July 26, 2018

Review: Second Chance Dom by Sparrow Beckett

Book Description

When Riley’s friend convinces her to try out a new-to-them BDSM club, she has no idea she’s about to meet up with the boyfriend she ghosted when she went to college years ago. Nate is older now, smoking hot, and much more dominant than Riley ever dreamed. Even so, one night of dominance couldn’t possibly change things between them…right?

This novella contains BDSM elements.

My Review

I've been making my way through some of this writing duo's books and when I heard that this novella was free I decided to grab it since I've been enjoying some of their other books. I've been a little weary of the freebies lately but this one was well worth getting. 

At the suggestion of her friend, Riley goes to a new BDSM club and gets the shock of her life when she spots her ex there as well. Her first thought is to run for the door and leave but Nate spots her before she can and walks over to her. They broke up 7 years before, or she broke up with him because she didn't think that things would work out between them. They're in Vegas and I love stories centered in the city I live in. 

Nate always wondered why she just stopped talking to him after she left and now he has a way to get his questions answered and maybe have another chance with her. Nate is now a Dom and Riley can hardly believe it since he never seemed the type when they were together but it seems that both of them have changed. Maybe now that they are older, more mature and know what they want, they'll be able to make things work the second time around. 

This was a great quick story. I had a feeling it would be since I've been enjoying some of their other books. This writing team knows how to write smokin' hot sex scenes too, let me tell you. Smokin' hot! Great for a quick read.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.