Sunday, December 18, 2016

Review: December Degustabox

Each Degustabox is $19.99 and comes with several products. Most of the products are things I've never seen on the grocery store shelves so I'm assuming that they are either new or about to be on store shelves. Each box comes with a card describing the products in the box and how much the products would cost in the store. This month everything in the box was new to me, meaning while I've tried other products from some of the brands, I've never tried any of the actual products that were in the box. 

In this box was:

Pillsbury Purely Simple Cake and frosting mix
Kala Beans roasted fava beans
Honey Acres flavored honey straws
Chips Ahoy Thins Cinnamon Sugar
Smuckers Fruit & Honey concord grape fruit spread
Urbane Grain Minute Meal
Ricola Honey Herb lozenges
Good Thins Sweet Oat and Flax chips
2 boxes Loacker Gran Patisserie chocolate wafer cookies
Wise Popcorn white cheddar
Once and Done salt and pepper spice blend

I wasn't sure if I would like some of these things but so far we've liked it all. I don't eat honey on a regular basis because ewww, bee spit. In fact it's been years since I bought a jar of honey but those honey straws were interesting in my tea. I'm not a fan of the roasted fava beans because they just don't have a flavor I like but they do have a good crunch. My favorite by far were the chocolate wafer cookies. It's chocolate, of course it's good.