Friday, June 11, 2010


What is it about stepping outside into the bright blue world that gets some of us all uptight? I really never liked being out and around other people all that much but some days are just worst than others. Like today I had to go out early and go to the doctor for the headaches, swollen feet and hives that I'm having problems with.

Found out I'm having medicine for that, hope it works.
Got a topical cream for the hives- hope it works.

Then my doctor is now sending me to the radiologists office to find out if I have a blood clot in my legs. Oh great. Seems like every time I go to the doctor they find something else wrong with me. But the up side is, if it's not a blood clot and not my heart then it's probably just too much salt.

Let's hope.

But this just means I have to go back out on the 15th to get the ultrasound on my legs. I really don't like going out. Sometimes it's get so bad, I have a panic attack. I'd much rather stay inside.