Saturday, October 17, 2020

Review: Cirem Skincare

So this was one of those things where the sample products are free you just have to pay a couple of dollars for shipping and handling. I kept seeing the ad on FB and wanted to try these products anyway so they did their job and sucked me in. lol 

HCR 3-IN-1 Serum Mini

Hyaluronic Acid plumps and softens while improving the look of elasticity. Skin glows as a surge of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C (THD Ascorbate) reduces the appearance of imperfections, and Retinol revitalizes and renews to both improve and prevent the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

 I thought the serum was nice and it smells really good just like the face oil does. 

Mending Moon Moonglow Face Oil Mini

This face oil helps promote a smoother, more conditioned complexion by morning. 

You use it at night and leave it on your face. I will say that the face oil really does absorb into the skin really fast. I thought it smelled really good too. Reminds me of Fall for some reason.

Youthboost Diamond Moisturizing Cream Mini

This is enriched with luxurious Diamond Dust and nourishing Caviar Extract that deliver opulent nutrients and rich moisture into the skin. Hyaluronic Acid works to combat dehydrated skin to reveal intense, 24-hour hydration. Vitamins A & E dramatically enhance luminosity, while Panthenol soothes and corrects the appearance of any redness or irritation. 

It's supposed to correct redness but this moisturizing cream actually made my face red in places like right above my eyebrows. 

I'm pretty happy with my samples though. I got to try these products for just a couple of dollars and found that I actually really like the face oil. I probably won't buy a full size bottle of this though because it's a little expensive and this little sample bottle will last me quite a while. But it was was to be able to try it out. 

The other products were just ok for me. I have some other products that work better for me in the serum and moisturizer departments and aren't as expensive as these are.